Briefly explain Greek war of independence

Greece had been a part of the Ottoman Empire since the 15th century.  The Treaty of Constantinople recognized Greece as an independent nation in 1832.

  1. The Greek War of Independence (1821–1829), also commonly known as the Greek Revolution was a successful war waged by the Greeks to win independence for Greece from the Ottoman Empire.
  2. In 1821 the struggle for revolutionary nationalism in Europe sparked a struggle for independence amongst the Greeks. Nationalists in Greece got support from other Greeks living in exile and also from many West Europeans who had sympathies for ancient Greek culture. The Greeks were supported by the West European countries like the French Kingdom, Great Britain and Russian Empire.
  3. Poets and artists lauded Greece as the cradle of European civilization and mobilized public opinion to support its struggle against a Muslim empire.
  4. Treaty of Constantinople was part of the Constantinople Conference. France, Britain, and Russia (Great powers), and on the other side the Ottoman Empire participated in Constantinople Conference.

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