The correct answer is (D) NH_{3},N_{2,Mg_{3}N_{2}.

Calcium imide on hydrolysis gives gas NH_{3} and Ca(OH)_{2}.

So p is NH_{3}

CaNH + 2H_{2}O → NH_{3} + Ca(OH)_{2}

NH_{3} on oxidation by bleaching powder gives gas N_{2} and byproducts.

So Q is N_{2}

3CaOCl_{2} + 2NH_{3} → 3CaCl_{2} + 3H_{2}O + N_{2}

N_{2} on reaction with magnesium gives compound Mg_{3}N_{2}

N_{2} + 3Mg → Mg_{3}N_{2}

Mg_{3}N_{2} on hydrolysis gives NH_{3}, which is p.

Mg_{3}N_{2} + 6H_{2}O → 3Mg(OH)_{2} + 2NH_{3}


P = NH_{3}

Q = N_{2}

R = Mg_{3}N_{2}

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