Calculate the wavelength of the first line in Lyman series of the hydrogen spectrum (R = 109677 cm-1) how to do this?

For Lyman series, n1=1.
For shortest wavelength in Lyman series (i.e., series limit), the energy difference in two states showing transition should be maximum, i.e., n2=∞.

1/λ = R(1(n1)2−1/(n2)2) ⋅ Z2

R = Rydbergs constant (Also written is RH)
Z = atomic number.

since the electron is de-exited from 1(st) exited state (i.e n=2) to ground state (i.e n=1) for first line of Lyman series.

1/λ = R(1(1)2−1/(2)2) ⋅ Z2

Since the atomic number of Hydrogen is 1.

λ = 4/3⋅912 A.

1/R = 912 A.

λ = 121.6nm

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