Can Bacterial Infection Go Away With Antibiotics?

Yes, but the antibiotics may not work for all the bacterial infections.

In certain conditions, based on the severity of the symptoms and the body’s immune system, most of the people can fight off a bacterial infection without the use of antibiotics.

The bacterial infections are mainly caused by the varieties of disease-causing bacteria, which are called pathogenic bacteria. Bacteria are small, minute, single-celled microbes, which are responsible for a range of infections in plants, animals and even in humans. There are four different types of bacteria – Bacilli, Cocci, Spirochaetes, and Vibrio. Cholera, syphilis, Pneumonia, and food poisoning are a few examples of diseases caused by bacterial infections.

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Antibiotics are powerful medicines, which are used for treating several bacterial infections. These Antibiotics are mainly derived from special microorganisms and are produced in industries by using a fermentation process. These drugs function by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and even by destroying certain harmful bacteria.

As mentioned above, antibiotics may not actively work for all bacterial infections. Antibiotics may kill many bacteria, but not the bacteria that remain more resistant to the antibiotics. The overuse of Antibiotic drugs or by a very weak immune system leads to antibacterial resistance. In such cases, the antibiotics would no longer work on pathogenic bacteria and diseases cannot be controlled, which make harder to treat. In such conditions, the best way to help slow the spread of diseases is by taking Immunization to prevent many dreadful bacterial diseases and to improve the immune system.

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