1}can displacement be zero even when distance is not zero? Give example. 2}how can you get speed of an object from its distance time graph ? 3}how can you get distance of an object from its speed time graph ? 4}can a body has zero velocity and still acceleration? give example . 5}is it possible in straight line motion of particle having zero speed and a non zero velocity? explain .

(1) Yes, displacement can be zero even if a body has covered some distance. (2) When a body travels in circular path , after covering a circle the distance cannot be zero,but its displacement is zero. (3) By calculating the slope from the graph speed of the body can be calculated. (4) Yes, an object can have zero velocity and still be accelerating simultaneously. Example: When the body is projected vertically up, at the highest point its speed becomes zero whereas it is accelerating downwards with g = 9.8 m/s2. (5) No, it is not possible.

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