Can there be displacement of an object in the absence of any force acting on it?


Yes, there can be displacement of an object in the absence of any force acting on it.  If a single force acts on an object, the object accelerates. If an object accelerates, a force is acting on it.

Suppose an object is moving with constant velocity. The net force acting on it is zero. But, there is a displacement along with the motion of the object. Hence, there can be a displacement without a force.


We know that

F = m × a

  • Since m cannot be zero, and when force F = 0, then acceleration a = 0.
  • In such a condition, either the object is at rest (not moving) or in uniform motion in a straight line.
  • In the following case, there exists a displacement of the object without any force acting on it.
  • Hence, an object can have a displacement in the absence of any external force acting on it.

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