Can you find a plant in your house or in your neighborhood which has a long but a weak stem? Write its name. In which category would you classify it?

A plant with a long but weak stem, found in my neighbourhood, is a money plant. The stem of the money plant is thin, long and weak and spread on the ground. Thus, it is called a creeper. Beanstalk, gourd plants and grapevines have weak stem but readily climbs up neighbouring support or a tree. These plants are called climbers.
  • The Root absorbs water and minerals from the soil.
  •  The stem holds the plant upright.
  •  Stem conducts water to the leaves.
  •  The number of petals and sepals in flower may be different in different plants.
  •  If the flower’s sepals are joined together, then its petals may or may not be joined to the petal.

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