Carbon, Group (14) element in the Periodic Table, is known to form compounds with many elements. Write an example of a compound formed with (a) chlorine (Group 17 of Periodic Table) (b) oxygen (Group 16 of Periodic Table)


Carbon is very reactive. It forms a huge number of compounds with many other elements. Compounds containing carbon outnumber the compounds of all the other elements.

(a) chlorine (Group 17 of Periodic Table)

CCl4 (Carbon Tetrachloride)

Carbon tetrachloride, also known as tetrachloromethane, is an organic compound with the chemical formula CCl4. This compound is often classified as a polyhalogenated organic compound since it consists of a carbon atom which is attached to more than one halide functional group.

(b) oxygen (Group 16 of Periodic Table)

Carbon-di-oxide (CO2)

One carbon atom and two oxygen atoms make up carbon dioxide, a chemical compound. The formula CO2 is often used to refer to it. Increased carbon dioxide concentrations increase photosynthesis, which promotes plant growth, according to studies. Although increased carbon dioxide levels in the air are beneficial to plants, they are also the primary cause of climate change.

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