A character sketch of Grandmother from " The portrait of a lady" from hornbill book of class11

”Grandmother” was a wrinkled old lady who couldn’t have been much older. She was little, chubby, and a tad bent. The narrator portrays her as a ”winter landscape in the mountains” since she constantly wore a white saari with silver hairs hiding her face. Her face is serene, pleasant, and comforting.

She is also unable to assist the narrator with her academics due to her lack of knowledge in science and English. She was disappointed to learn that the narrator’s school did not teach about God or the Bible. She also believes that music was not created with gentle folk in mind.

When the narrator arrived from another country. She was overjoyed, so she gathered all of the women in her community and began singing the return of the soldiers. She acquired a fever as a result of her overwork. She informed her family that she was nearing the end of her life. However, the doctor predicted that she would recover quickly.

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