Character sketch on Kezia from the chapter" little girl"

The Little Girl Kezia was always afraid of her father and avoided him as much as she could. She took a great sigh of relief whenever he left for work. She trembled with fear whenever she confronted him. She would mumble in terror whenever she was near him. According to her, her father was a rude and harsh person and she would try hard not to confront him whenever he was at home.

However, Kezia’s demeanour towards her father transformed soon. One day, suddenly her mother fell ill and was hospitalized. Her grandmother went along with her mother. So, Kezia was left alone in the house with no one around except the cook, Alice. During the daytime, everything went well but during night-time, Kezia found it hard to sleep. She had a dreadful nightmare of a butcher holding a knife and a rope, who came closer smiling wretchedly and she was unable to move from that place. This nightmare woke her up and when she opened her eyes she noticed that her father was standing right next to her. She understood that her father loved and cared for her in his own way. Kezia realised that her father was usually cranky every day for the hard work he did to earn a living for his family and was too tired by evening to come and play with her.

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