Characters transmitted from parents to offspring are present in (a) cytoplasm (b) ribosome (c) Golgi bodies (d) genes

d) Genes


The characteristics that are transmitted from parents to offspring are present in genes. Genes are present on chromosomes.The human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. The trait is one of the characteristics determined by one or more genes. Abnormal genes and genes that are formed due to new mutations also result in certain traits. Genes vary in size depending on the code or the protein they produce.

  1. Genes control the functions of DNA and RNA.
  2. Proteins are the most important materials in the human body which not only help by being the building blocks for muscles, connecting tissue and skin but also takes care of the production of the enzyme.
  3. These enzymes play an important role in conducting various chemical processes and reactions within the body.
  4. Genes consist of a particular set of instructions or specific functions

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