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Cellulose acetate (rayon) is a semi-synthetic polymer.
Multimolecular(particle size<1nm),they aggregate together and form colloid e.g. gold sol.
Since the outermost orbital contain only two electrons, alkaline earth metals show divalency by losing these two electrons.
The formula of Phosphorus is P4. Soatomicity of phosphorus is 4.
Chlorine was discovered by Scheele in 1774 by the action of HCl on MnO2.
Milk is a colloidal solution which appears to be homogeneous but actually is heterogeneous.
A catalyst has no effect on energy of reactants, energy of products and enthalpy change of a reaction.
Work function of a metal is the minimum amount of energy required to start emission of electrons from the surface of the metal.
Wrought iron is the purest form of iron.
Siderite is an ore of iron. Its molecular formula is FeCO3.

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