Choose the correct option from the following: Which part of the plant takes in carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis? (A) Root hair (B) Stomata (C) Leaf veins (D) Sepals

Answer: (B) Stomata

The part of the plant that takes in carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis stomata.

What are stomata?

Stomata are the pores present on the surface of the leaves through which the exchange of gases takes place. Stomata also help in transpiration, in which the loss of water from the surface of leaves in the form of water vapour.

Major function os stomata

The major function of stomata is the exchange of gases. The respiration in leaves takes place through the tiny pores called stomata present on them. The exchange of gases occurs through these pores. The oxygen is transported to other plant cells by diffusion, and in the same, carbon dioxide is removed from the cells. In this way, respiration takes place in leaves.

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