Choose the correct order of terms that describes the process of nutrition in ruminants. (a) swallowing → partial digestion → chewing of cud → complete digestion (b) chewing of cud → swallowing → partial digestion → complete digestion (c) chewing of cud → swallowing → mixing with digestive juices → digestion (d) swallowing → chewing and mixing → partial digestion → complete digestion

a) Swallowing → Partial digestion → Chewing of cud → Complete digestion


The digestion process in Ruminants begins by chewing and swallowing its food. Ruminants do not completely chew the food they eat, but just consume or gulp as much they can and then swallow the food. This is actually an adaptation by which these animals have evolved to spend as little time as possible feeding so that they are not hunted down by any predators while they are eating.

  • The process of nutrition in ruminants occur as: swallowing → partial digestion (cud) → cud brought back to mouth → chewing of cud → other compartments of stomach → small intestine → complete digestion.

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