Choose the correct statement: (a) Genes are located in the chromosomes. (b) The cell is located in the nucleus. (c) Chromosomes are located in the nucleolus. (d) Cell membrane surrounds the nucleus.

(a) Genes are located in the chromosomes

Genes are the unit of inheritance located in the chromosomes. The other statements are incorrect, and their correct form are as:

  • Nucleus is located in the cell
  • Chromosomes are located in the nucleus.
  • Cell membrane surrounds the cell and nuclear membrane surrounds the nucleus.

Listed below are the functions of chromosomes.

  • The main function of chromosomes is to carry the genetic material from one generation to another.
  • Chromosomes play an important role and act as a guiding force in the growth, reproduction, repair and regeneration process, which is important for survival.
  • Chromosomes protect the DNA from getting tangled and damaged

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