Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets.

1. The earth — round the sun. (move, moves, moved) 

2. My friends — the Prime Minister yesterday. (see, have seen, saw) 

3. I — him only one letter up to now. (sent, have sent, send) 

4. She — worried about something. (looks, looking, is looking) 

5. It started to rain while we — tennis. (are playing, were playing, had played) 

6. He — fast when the accident happened. (is driving, was driving, drove) 

7. He — asleep while he was driving. (falls, fell, has fallen) 

8. I’m sure l — him at the party last night. (saw, have seen, had seen) 

9. He — a mill in this town.(have, has, is having) 

10. He — here for the last five years. (worked, is working, has been working) 

11. He thanked me for what I — (have done, had done, have been doing) 

12. I — a strange noise. (hear, am hearing, have been hearing) 

13. I — him for a long time. (know, have known, am knowing) 

14. I — English for five years. (study, am studying, have been studying) 

15. Don’t disturb me. I — my homework. (do, did, am doing) 

16. Abdul — to be a doctor. (wants, wanting, is wanting) 

17. The soup — good. (taste, tastes, is tasting) 

18. He — TV most evenings. (watches, is watch, is watching) 

19. He — out five minutes ago. (has gone, had gone, went) 

20. When he lived in Hyderabad, he — to the cinema once a week. (goes, went, was going) 

21. The baby — all morning. (cries, has been crying, crying) 

22. I — Rahim at the zoo. (saw, have seen, had seen) 

23. I — Kumar this week. (haven’t seen, didn’t see, am not seeing) 

24. This paper — twice weekly. (is appearing, appearing, appears) 

25. Ashok fell off the ladder when he — the roof. (is mending, was mending, mended) 



1. moves

2. saw

3. have sent

4. looks

5. were playing

6. was driving

7. fell

8. saw

9. has

10. has been working

11. had done

12. hear

13. have known

14. have been studying

15. am doing

16. wants

17. tastes

18. watches

19. went

20. went

21. has been crying

22. saw

23. haven’t seen

24. appears

25. was mending

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