Choose the most appropriate answer.In terms of GDP the share of tertiary sector in 2010-11 is between _________ per cent. a) 20 to 30 b) 30 to 40 c) 50 to 60 d) 60 to 70

Answer: Correct answer is option (C) – 50% to 60%

  • By replacing the primary sector, the tertiary sector has emerged as the largest producing sector in India in the year 2010-11.
  • There are multiple reasons behind the rise of the services sector.
  • The rise of information and communication technology aided in the rapid rise of the services sector.
  • Due to rise in income levels there was a rise in demands for more services such as restaurants, tourism, shopping, private schools etc.
  • There was greater demand for services such as trade, storage industry, transportation industry due to greater development of secondary and primary sectors.

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