Choose the most appropriate answer. Production of a commodity, mostly through the natural process, is an activity in _________ sector. a) primary b) secondary c) tertiary d) information technology

Answer: The correct answer is option (a) – Primary sector

  • People in the country are involved in various economic activities.
  • We classify economic activities into 3 different groups based on different criterias and these groups are also known as sectors.
  • Some people are involved in generating services, some people are into producing goods, some people are into agricultural production, some types of economic activities require highly educated and highly skilled workers, some types of economic activities do not require highly skilled workers. 
  • Primary sector is the group of economic activities that involves producing goods using natural resources.
  • Forestry, fishing, agriculture, dairy comes under the primary sector of the economy.
  • The goods produced from the primary sector becomes the base for all other activities.
  • The Secondary sector involves industrial activities in which goods are produced using different manufacturing processes, in which natural products are converted into other forms.
  • Tertiary sector activities do not produce goods by themselves, but they support or aid the process of production in other sectors.

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