Choose the tributary of the river Ganga from the following: i) Tungabhadra ii) Malaprabha iii) Kosi iv) Ghataprabha

The correct option is iii) Kosi.

The other rivers are tributaries of the river Krishna.

Kosi- The tributary of Ganga

It is a left-bank tributary of the Ganga. The Ganges River also called Ganga.  The river is Kosi or Koshi is the major tributary of the river Ganga from the Central Indian Highlands. The Kosi is an ancestor river with its origin from the north of Mount Everest in Tibet, where it’s mainstream as the river Arun rises. After traversing the Central Himalayas in Nepal, it is accompanied by the Sun Kosi from the West and the Tamur Kosi from the east. It forms Sapt Kosi after uniting with the River Arun.

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