c) Epithelial tissues have intercellular spaces.

The nature of matrix differs according to the function of the tissue. Epithelial tissue or epithelium forms the outer covering of the skin and also lines the body cavity. It forms the lining of respiratory, digestive, reproductive and excretory tracts. They perform various functions such as absorption, protection, sensation and secretion.

There are 8 types of epithelial tissues.

  • Simple squamous
  • Stratified Squamous
  • Simple Cuboidal
  • Stratified Cuboidal
  • Simple Columnar
  • Stratified Columnar
  • Pseudostratified Columnar
  • Transitional epithelia or urothelium.

Fats are stored below the skin and in between the internal organs. These tissues are called as adipose tissues. Cells of striated muscles are multinucleate and unbranched. Epithelial cells do not have any intercellular spaces in between them. They form a continuous sheet or layer of cells.

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