Class 9 English Poem The Snake Trying, 1. What is the snake trying to escape from? 2. Is it a harmful snake? What is its colour? 3. The poet finds the snake beautiful. Find the words he uses to convey its beauty. 4. What does the poet wish for the snake? 5. Where was the snake before anyone saw it and chased it away? Where does the snake disappear?


1. The snake was trying to escape from being hit with a stick by a human.

2. No, the snake was not a harmful one. It was small and looked green in colour.

3. The poet used two words to describe the beautify of the snake, ”Graceful” and ”Beautiful”.

4. The poet wished the snake to be escaped without causing any harm or injury.

5. Before being spotted and chased, the snake was lying on the sand. The snake disappeared in the ripples of water among the green reeds.

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