Classify the changes involved in the following processes as physical or chemical changes: (a) Photosynthesis (b) Dissolving sugar in water (c) Burning of coal (d) Melting of wax (e) Beating aluminium to make aluminium foil (f ) Digestion of food


Physical change – A substance is said to undergo a physical change when only the physical properties such as the shape, size, colour, state or appearance of the substance change. Its chemical composition remains intact.

Chemical change – A substance is said to undergo a chemical change when the chemical properties of a substance alter. As a result, there is either formation or breaking of atomic bonds at the molecular level.

(a) Photosynthesis – Chemical change

(b) Dissolving sugar in water – Physical Change

(c) Burning of coal – Chemical change

(d) Melting of wax – Physical Change

(e) Beating aluminium to make aluminium foil – Physical Change

(f ) Digestion of food – Chemical change

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