Classify the following as linear, quadratic and cubic polynomials: 7x3

Answer: Cubic polynomial

A polynomial is an algebraic expression in which the exponent on any variable is a whole number. Polynomial’s degree is the highest or the greatest power of a variable in a polynomial equation. The degree indicates the highest exponential power in the polynomial.

Types of polynomials based on degree

Various types of polynomials based on degree are,

  • Linear Polynomial – A polynomial whose degree is one is called a linear polynomial.
  • Quadratic Polynomial – A polynomial of degree two is called a quadratic polynomial.
  • Cubic Polynomial – A polynomial of degree three is called cubic polynomial.

Given equation is 7x3

The highest power of the given equation 7x3is 3.

the degree of the given equation is 3.

7x3is a cubic polynomial.

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