Classify the following based on number of chambers in their heart. Rohu, Scoliodon, Frog, Salamander, Flying lizard, King Cobra, Crocodile, Ostrich, Pigeon, Bat, Whale.

  • 2-Chambered Heart-Rohu, Scoliodon
  • 3-Chambered Heart-Frog, Salamander, Flying lizard, king cobra
  • 4-Chambered Heart-Crocodile, Ostrich, Pigeon, Bat, Whale.

Note: The animals that belong to the class amphibia are known as amphibians. They can live on land (terrestrial) as well as in water (aquatic). Therefore, for respiration they have gills, lungs or through skin. The amphibian heart comprises one ventricle and two auricles.

The characterization of the vertebrate heart is based on the number of chambers they have –

  • Two chambered heart – one ventricle and one atrium, for example, sawfish, Trygon
  • Three chambered hearts– one ventricle and two atria, for example, reptiles and amphibians. But there is one exception that is crocodiles. They have a four-chambered heart.
  • Four chambered hearts – two ventricles and two atria, for example, mammals and birds.

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