Classify the following habitats into terrestrial and aquatic types. [Grassland, Pond, Ocean, Rice field]

Grassland and rice field are terrestrial habitat. Pond and Oceans are aquatic habitats.

Habitat is a part of an ecosystem. The climate, plants, and animals are the identities of a habitat. Ecosystems primarily have two domains

  • Aquatic(water) ecosystem
  • Terrestrial(land) ecosystem

Water supports many lives. Organisms which survive in water are called aquatic animals. They depend on water for their food, shelter, reproduction and all other life activities. These animals breathe air or oxygen that has been dissolved in water by specialized organs called gills, or directly through the skin.

Examples: Whales and Dolphins, fish, lobsters, octopuses.

Terrestrial habitat is a habitat that is found predominantly on land. Terrestrial habitats are spread out across a large range of environments such as caves, deserts, farms, forests, grasslands, shorelines, wetlands, etc.

Examples: cats, ants, spiders.

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