Classify the following list of occupations Tailor Basket weaver Flower cultivator Milk vendor Fishermen Priest Courier Workers in Match Factory Moneylender Gardener Potter Bee-keeper Astronaut Call centre employee "


The classification of the above given list of occupations into primary sector occupation, secondary sector occupation, and tertiary sector occupation are given below:

Tertiary Sector Occupations

The tertiary sector occupations are listed below:

  • Call centre employee
  • Astronaut
  • Priest Courier
  • Milk Vendor
  • Moneylender
  • Tailor

Tertiary sector is also known as the service sector, as the activities of the tertiary sector involves providing services instead of producing goods. Some of the broad examples of tertiary sector are banking, communication, transport, trade, storage etc are other examples of tertiary sector.

Secondary Sector Occupations

The secondary sector occupations are listed below:

  • Workers in Match Factory
  • Basket weaver
  • Potter

The activities of the secondary sector involve producing some goods. Those goods do not come naturally. The products of the primary sector are used to produce some new goods using different manufacturing techniques. Occupations involving such activities come under the Secondary sector. Since the activities of the secondary sector started getting associated with various industries it is also known as the industrial sector.

Primary Sector Occupations

The Primary sector occupations are listed below:

  • Fishermen
  • Flower cultivator
  • Bee-keeper
  • Gardener

The activity of this sector involves using products which are naturally available in the environment. Agriculture, mining, forestry are some of the important examples of activities involved in the Primary sector.

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