Spongilla —Acoelomate

Sea anemone—Acoelomate


Liver fluke—Acoelomate






Birds, Fishes and Horse—Coelomate

The coelom is one of the characteristic features of metazoans. The true coelom is a body cavity formed during embryo development from the three germinal layers. The coelom is lined by mesodermal epithelium cells. Presence or absence of coelom is one of the criteria for classifying animals.

1. Acoelomate:

Coelom is absent. The blastocoel is completely occupied by mesoderm. E.g. Porifera, Coelenterata and Flatworms (Platyhelminthes). There is only spongocoel or coelenteron present.

2. Pseudocoelomate:

True coelom is not present. The blastocoel is partly filled by mesodermal cells. The body cavity is lined by mesoderm only towards the body wall and mesoderm is not present towards the gut. E.g. Roundworms (Aschelminthes)

3. Eucoelomate:

Animals that have a true coelom. The coelom is lined by mesoderm on both the sides, towards the body wall and towards the gut.

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