Classroom Activity(Constructing The 'square Root Spiral'): Take A Large Sheet Of Paper And Construct The 'square Root Spiral' In The Following Fashion. Start With A Point O And Draw A Line Segment Op 1Of Unit Length. Draw A Line Segment P 1P 2Perpendicular To Op 1Of Unit Length. Now Draw A Line Segment P2P 3Perpendicular To Op 2 . Then Draw A Line Segment P3P 4Perpendicular To Op . Continuing In This Manner, You Can Get The Line Segment P N−1P N By Drawing A Line Segment Of Unit Length Perpendicular To Op N−1 . In This Manner, You Will Have Created The Points P 2 ,P 3,.......,P N,....., And Joined Them To Create A Beautiful Spiral Depicting 2 , 3, 4,.......


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