Cocoons were bought from the Santhals and sold by the traders at five times the purchase price. (True or False)

Answer: The correct answer is true.

  • Santhals reared cocoons in Hazaribagh which is located in the current state of Jharkhand. 
  • Cocoons were collected by agents from tribal people. These agents were sent by the traders dealing with silk.
  • For a thousand cocoons, the growers were paid Rs 3 to Rs 4.
  • These cocoons were sold at 5 times the price at which they were purchased from the tribal people.
  • These cocoons were exported to Gaya or Burdwan.
  • Huge profits were made by middlemen who arranged deals between silk growers and exporters.
  • Very little income was earned by tribal people who were silk growers.
  • Hence tribals started viewing markets and traders as their enemies.
  • Silk exports from India increased rapidly as the Indian silk was of high quality and it was highly valued in European markets, in the 18th century.
  • To meet the growing demands due to expansion of the market, the East India Company officials tried to encourage silk production.

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