Colocasia is a type of ____________

Colocasia is a type of underground stem.


Colocasia is a variety of flowering plants which belongs to the family of Araceae. It is a tender herbaceous perennial that grows best in naturally rich, wet soil and tropical climates. It prefers full sun to part shade or filtered sun and can be planted predominantly at the edge of the understory of a tree or as a border.


Following are the characteristics of Colocasia

  • The leaves are large to very large,  which ranges from20–150 cm (7.9–59.1 in) long, with a sagittate shape.
  • This plant is also known as the elephant’s-ear plant and the names comes from the leaves, which are shaped like a large ear or shield.
  • The plant reproduces mostly by means of rhizomes (tubers, corms), and it also produces clusters of two to five fragrant inflorescences in the leaf axils.


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