Comment on the following properties: (a) Rigidity (b)Compressibility (c)Fluidity (d)Filling a gas container (e) Shape (f) Kinetic energy and (g)density

(a) Rigidity

It is the strongest force of attraction between particles and this property makes the solid rigid. Rigidity gives the perfect shape to solids, the particles in the solid are tightly packed. Solid does not get deformed easily by applying extra pressure.

(b) Compressibility

Compressibility is mostly observed in gases. A lot of space between particles, a gas can be compressed to a higher extent. Solids have the least compressibility and liquids have little compressibility because of the least space between their particles.

(c) Fluidity

The ability to flow is called fluidity. The less force of attraction and more space between particles makes the liquid and gas flow easily. Fluidity is not observed in solids.

(d) Filling of a gas container

Liquids do not fill a gas container completely, but gases fill the gas container completely in which it is stored. A gas can move in all directions hence it fills the container completely.

(e) Shape

Solids have a fixed shape. Liquid and gas occupy the shape of the container in which they are stored. This is due to the less force of attraction and more kinetic energy between the particles of liquids and the negligible force of attraction and the highest kinetic energy between particles of gas.

(f) Kinetic energy

The kinetic energy of particles of a solid is the minimum. They only vibrate at their fixed position. The kinetic energy of particles of liquid is more than compared to solid. But they can slide above one another. The kinetic energy of particles in a gas is maximum.

(g) Density

Density is defined as the mass per unit volume of a substance. The density of solid is highest, then comes liquid, and last comes the gases.

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