Compare the east-flowing and the west-flowing rivers of the Peninsular plateau.

Important Comparison of East and West Flowing Peninsular Rivers

  • The east flowing Peninsular rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal.
  • The west flowing Peninsular rivers flow into the Arabian Sea.
  • The east flowing Peninsular rivers are longer than the west flowing rivers.
  • The 2 major west flowing Peninsular rivers are Narmada and Tapi.
  • The major east flowing Peninsular rivers are Godavari, Krishna, Mahanadi and Kaveri.
  • The west flowing rivers like Narmada and Tapi form estuaries.
  • The east flowing peninsular rivers form deltas.

Some of the Important points regarding East and West flowing Peninsular Rivers

Godavari – East Flowing Peninsular River

  • The Longest river in Peninsular India is the Godavari river.
  • Godavari river is also known as Dakshin Ganga.
  • The length of the Godavari river is 1500 Km.
  • Godavari river rises in Maharashtra, at Nasik district on the slopes of Western Ghats.
  • The Godavari river flows in the Eastward direction and flows into the Bay of Bengal.
  • Godavari river basin is located in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Around 50 percent of the Godavari river basin is located in Maharashtra.
  • The major tributaries of Godavari river are Penganga river, Wainganga river and Pranhita river.
  • The other important tributaries of the Godavari river are Wardha and Purna.

Mahanadi – East Flowing Peninsular River

  • The Mahanadi river flows towards the Bay of Bengal. The Mahanadi river rises at the highlands of Chhattisgarh.

Narmada and Tapi – West Flowing Rivers

  • The Narmada river rises in Madhya Pradesh at Amarkantak Hills, it is a West flowing river.
  • The Narmada river basin is found in parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Some of the notable picturesque locations created by the Narmada river are ‘Dhuadhar falls’, ‘Marble rocks’ near Jabalpur.
  • The tributaries join the Narmada river at right angles, and the tributary rivers of Narmada river are very short.
  • The Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, in the Satpura ranges, is the source of the Tapi river.
  • When compared to the Narmada river, the Tapi river is much shorter in length.
  • Parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh cover the basin of the Tapi river. 

Krishna River – East Flowing Peninsular River

  • Krishna river is an east flowing river and ends up in the Bay of Bengal. It is around 1400 Km long and rises in Mahabaleshwar.
  • Important tributaries of Krishna river are Bhima, Musi, Ghatprabha, Koyana, Tunghabhadra.

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