Compare the primitive subsistence farming and commercial farming

Primitive subsistence farming

1. Primitive subsistence farming is one of the earliest farming techniques to be practised since it makes use of primitive tools and is carried out on a small scale.
2. Primitive subsistence farming is only sufficient to feed the farmer and their family
3. It is labour intensive since most of the activities are done by human labour
4. Cereals like wheat, rice, millets are mainly raised through primitive subsistence farming

Commercial farming

1. Commercial farming makes use of modern tools and technology such as pesticides, fertilisers, HYV seeds and is carried out on a large scale.
2. Commercial farming is done with the view to sell the crops and gain profit.
3. It is capital intensive since it depends on machines to get the work done.
4. Cotton, sugarcane, coffee, tea, jute etc are raised through commercial farming.

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