Complete hydrolysis of XeF4 and XeF6results in the formation of XeO3. Explain

The complete hydrolysis of XeF6  and XeF4 gives XeO3

Complete hydrolysis of XeF6

XeF6 + 3H2O → XeO3+ 6HF

  • XeF6 is one of the three binary fluorides formed by the xenon.
  • The complete hydrolysis of XeFproduces XeO3 which is xenon trioxide.
  • This xenon trioxide is highly explosive and acts as a powerful oxidising agent in solution.

Complete hydrolysis of XeF4

6XeF4+ 12H2O → 4Xe + 2XeO3+ 24HF + 3O2

  • XeF4 on partial hydrolysis produces xenon oxyfluoride (XeOF2).

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