Complete the following statement: Biotic resources are ______ 1) Derived from living things 2) Made by human beings 3) Derived from non-living things

Answer: The correct answer is option (1).

  • On the basis of origin, resources can be classified into two types – biotic resources and abiotic resources.
  • Biotic resources are obtained from the biosphere and have life, such as fisheries, livestock, flora and fauna, human beings etc.
  • Examples of abiotic resources are metals and rocks. Abiotic resources are composed of non-living things.
  • On the basis of exhaustibility, resources are classified into non-renewable resources and renewable resources.
  • Renewable resources are the resources which can be reproduced or renewed through mechanical, chemical and physical processes.
  • Examples of renewable resources are wildlife, forests, water, wind energy, and solar energy. The renewable resources are further divided into flow or continuous.
  • Examples of Non-renewable resources are fossil fuels and minerals. It takes a long geological time for the creation of non-renewable resources.
  • On the basis of ownership, resources are categorized into individual resources, community owned resources, national resources, and international resources.
  • International resources are those resources which are available beyond 200 nautical miles i.e. the exclusive economic zone. No nation can utilize it without the permission of the international community.
  • All the land resources, wildlife resources, forests, water resources and minerals which are located within the political boundaries and oceanic area upto 12 nautical miles from the coast are known as national resources.

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