Complete the sentences below using some of the following words. (sparsely, favourable, fallow, artificial, fertile, natural, extreme, densely) When people are attracted to an area, it becomes _______ populated, Factors that influence this include _______ climate; good supplies of _______ resources and _______ land.

Answers: The right answers are densely, favourable, natural, fertile.

  • As plain areas are more suitable for service activities, manufacturing activities, and farming activities, we find plain areas are always more densely populated when compared to areas with mountainous topography.
  • People always avoid areas having extreme weather climates, be it very cold or very hot, these extreme climates are unsuitable for human habitation.
  • Hence people avoid living in extremely cold polar regions of Canada, Antarctica, Russia etc and extremely hot climatic regions like the Sahara Desert, Thar Desert etc.
  • Fertile soil is extremely important for agricultural activities. Places with fertile soil have immense agricultural activities, hence these places are densely populated.
  • The areas where there is abundant availability of freshwater is densely populated.
  • Deserts are thinly populated, whereas the river valleys have dense populations.
  • Areas which have abundant availability of minerals are densely populated.
  • For example in South Africa the locations having diamond mines are densely populated, oil industries in the Middle East are other locations where there is a dense population.
  • Areas having better health infrastructure, education facilities and affordable and good housing facilities will have higher population density. Example would be Pune.

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