Concentrated aqueous solution of sulphuric acid is 98% by mass and has density of 1.80g mL?1. What is the volume of acid required to make one liter 0.1M H2SO4 solution? (1) 16.65mL (2) 22.20mL (3 ) 5.55mL (4) 11.10mL

Answer: (3)

Molarity of H2SO4 solution = number of moles of the solute/Volume of solution given in terms of litres

Molarity of H2SO4 solution =

\(\begin{array}{l}\frac{98\times 10 00}{98 \times 100}\times 1.802\end{array} \)

Molarity of H2SO4 solution (M1) = 18.02

Let us consider V1 volume of H2SO4 is used to prepare 1 litre of 0.1M of H2SO4.

Using formula

M1V1 = M2V2

V1 = M2V2/M1

V1 = 1000 × 0.1 / 18.02

V1 = 5.55ml

5.55ml acid = 9.8g = 0.1 Molar acid

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