Consider the following statements about pressure groups and parties. A) Pressure groups are the organised expression of the interests and views of specific social sections. B) Pressure groups take positions on political issues. C) All pressure groups are political parties. Which of the statements given above are correct? i) A, B, and C ii) A and B iii) B and C iv) A and C

Answer: The correct answer is option (ii) – A & B

  • Organisations with the objective of attempting to influence the Government policies are known as Pressure groups.
  • With the aim of achieving a common objective, organisations like pressure groups are formed when people with common opinions, aspirations, interests, occupation come together.
  • Pressure groups try to influence the media.
  • By filing petitions, by organizing meetings, by taking out information campaigns, pressure groups try to gain sympathy and support for their activities and to achieve their goals.
  • Pressure groups do not aim to directly share or control political power like political parties.
  • The relationship between pressure groups and political parties can take different forms, some very indirect and some are very direct.
  • All pressure groups are not political parties, for example, Narmada Bachao Andolan, various Environmental protection groups, various women rights groups and movements.
  • But In some cases, pressure groups are like an extended arm of political parties, or pressure groups are led by the leaders of political parties.
  • In India, many of the student organisations or trade unions are either affiliated to or established by major political parties.
  • In order to force Governments to take note of their demands, most of the movement groups including employees association, workers organization disrupt the Government programmes by organizing protest activities like strikes.
  • To offer advice to the government, some members of pressure groups or movement groups may participate in committees and official bodies.

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