Consider the following statements: (a) Both acids and bases change colour of all indicators. (b) If an indicator gives a colour change with an acid, it does not give a change with a base. (c) If an indicator changes colour with a base, it does not change colour with an acid. (d) Change of colour in an acid and a base depends on the type of the indicator. Which of these statements are correct? (i) All four (ii) a and d (iii) b, c and d (iv) only d

Answer:  (iv) Only (d) is correct

The change of colour in acid and base depends on the type of indicator.

A substance that can be added to the reaction mixture to indicate the equivalence point of the titration. Coloured indicators are often used to measure pH. These indicators are a different colour in a basic environment than in an acidic environment. Since indicators are chemical compounds that change colour according to the pH of the solution they are put in.

Examples: Litmus paper and Methyl orange.

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