Consider the list of terms given below: (i) Seismic Zone (ii) Fault Zone (iii) Mantle (iv) Inner Core The boundaries of the earth’s plate are known as (a) (i) & (ii) (b) (i) & (iii) (c) (iii) & (iv) (d) (ii), (iii) & (iv)

Answer: (a) (i) & (ii)

An earthquake is a quick trembling or shaking of the earth that lasts only for a short period. Movement of plates are responsible for earthquakes. Boundaries of the plates are weak zones where earthquakes are most likely to happen. Seismic or fault zones are other names for these weak zones.


An earthquake is defined as the shaking of the Earth’s surface caused by a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust, which causes seismic waves, also known as S waves. The type and intensity of an earthquake are determined by the seismic activity in the area.

  • An earthquake can occur anywhere on the earth but most of the time it occurs near the tectonic plates that have active faults.
  • Earthquake zone is defined as the zone on the earth’s surface around which the majority of earthquakes occur. It is also known as the seismic zone or the earthquake belts.

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