Consider the following statements on parties. A)Political parties do not enjoy much trust among the people. B) Parties are often rocked by scandals involving top party leaders. C) Parties are not necessary to run governments. Which of the statements given above are correct? i) A, B, and C ii) A and B iii) B and C iv) A and C

Answer: The correct answer is (ii) A and B are correct.

  • Political parties are needed to form a Government.
  • It is the candidates representing different political parties who contest elections at central, state and local levels.
  • The candidates contesting elections are selected by political parties through their internal mechanisms.
  • Political parties create programmes and policies and shape public opinions.
  • Once the political parties win the elections they form the Government and its policies are based on the manifesto of the party.
  • If the political parties lose the elections, they sit in opposition and criticise the policies or actions of the Government.

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