Convert 10000 paise to a rupee.


Given: 10000 paise

To find: 10000 paise to a rupee


We know that

100 paise = 1 Rupee

The rupees are made up of paise. We realize, therefore, that each rupee consists of 100 paise.

As per the question, to determine the number of rupees we can use the formula

⇒ [latex]The\,, number\,, of\,, rupees = \frac{Total\,, number\,, of\,, paisa}{Number\,, of\,, Paisa\,, for\,, one\,, rupee }[/latex]

⇒ [latex]The\,, number\,, of\,, rupees = \frac{10000}{100}[/latex]

[latex]The\,, number\,, of\,, rupees = 100[/latex]

Therefore, ten thousand paisa is one hundred rupees.

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