Crescograph and Auxanometer are_________

Crescograph and an auxanometer are the devices that are used for measuring the change in growth of the plants.


A crescograph is defined as the device which is used for measuring the growth in plants. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, an Indian botanist and biologist invented this device. Smoked glass plate and number of clockwise gears are the two important things that are used in the instrument. The plate has a regular markings and the clockwise gears is used for measuring the growth which gets influenced by different conditions.


An auxanometer also known as an arc-indicator is defined as an apparatus which is used for measuring the growth in plants. The meaning of auxanometer is auxin stands for to grow and metron stands for the measure. This apparatus was invented by Koningsberger. The apparatus consists of a recording device which is used for translating the increase in the height of the stem into the movement of a needle across the scale. The apparatus can be found in laboratory, field, and in the classroom.


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