Current sensitivity of a galvanometer can be increased by decreasing?

The current flowing through the coil is proportional to the deflection, or angle of twist, of the suspension.

The formula for a galvanometer’s sensitivity is k=I=CNBA,

  • where A is the coil’s area,
  • B is the external field
  • C is the torque.

As a result, we can observe that sensitivity is related to the number of turns, coil area, and torque. As a result, raising the values of B, N, and A can improve the current sensitivity of a galvanometer. It can be reduced by lowering the k value.

The current in micro ampere required to consume one millimetre deflection on a scale situated 1 m distant from the mirror is described as the sensitivity of a galvanometer. A galvanometer is a device that measures extremely low current in a circuit. It may also be transformed into an ammeter or a voltameter. The deflection of the coil as current runs through it in the presence of an external magnetic field is the basis of the moving coil galvanometer.

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