Decreasing order of reactivity of alkyl halide is: RCl, RI, RBr

Decreasing order of reactivity of alkyl halide is RI > RBr > RCl.

Alkyl halides

  • Alkyl Halides are compounds in which a halogen atom is attached to the carbon.
  • They have the general formula R-X
  • Where R – alkyl group; X = Cl, Br, I or F.
  • The halogen atom bonded to carbon is the functional group of alkyl halides
  • Alkyl halides are classified as primary (1°), Secondary (2°), or Tertiary (3°), depending upon whether the X atom is attached to a primary, secondary, or tertiary carbon.
  • Consider the reactivity of alcohols with halogen acids to form alkyl halides, the reactivity of alcohols is in the order: tertiary alcohol > secondary alcohol > primary alcohol.

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