Define Far point and Near point?


Far point

  • The far point of visual perception is the farthest point from which an object’s image can be projected to the retina within the eye’s accommodation.
  • It’s often referred to as the image’s clearest point away from the eye. The near point is the other limit of eye accommodation.
  • The far point of the eye is the maximum distance at which the eye can see the objects clearly. The far point of the normal human eye is infinity.
  • Myopia is a disorder in which the eye is unable to see distant objects properly.

Near point

  • The near point is the nearest point within the eye’s accommodation range at which an object can be positioned and still form a focused image on the retina.
  • The far point is the limit to the eye’s accommodation range.
  • The near point of the eye is the minimum distance of the object from the eye, which can be seen distinctly without strain. For a normal human eye, this distance is 25 cm.
  • Hypermetropia is a condition in which the eye can’t see close objects properly.

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