Define monsoon. Differentiate between burst of monsoon and break of monsoon.



  • In a year, the seasonal reversal in the direction of wind is known as ‘Monsoon.’ 
  • The word monsoon is derived from the Arabic word ‘mausim’ which literally means season
  • The duration of the monsoon is from early June to mid-September and the number of days ranges between 100 days – 120 days.

The difference between Burst of Monsoon and Break of Monsoon is given in the below table:

Burst of Monsoon

Break of Monsoon

Burst of monsoon can cause damage to properties, lives, and crops if it rains continuously and heavily for many days.

Break of Monsoon will be beneficial for growing crops.

In the Burst of Monsoon, the intensity of rainfall is very high.

During the Break of Monsoon, the intensity of rainfall is mild, it is not heavy.

In the Burst of Monsoon there is continuous and very heavy rainfall.

There are breaks in rainfall, the rains are not continuous. Here there is a combination of dry and wet spells.

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