Define natural vegetation?


Natural vegetation implies plants that have not been developed and processed naturally by mankind. They have been left undisturbed by humankind for a long period of time. The types of natural vegetation differ according to precipitation, soil, climate, and topography. The cultivated crops and fruits, orchards form part of vegetation, but not natural vegetation.

List of Natural vegetation forests

Tropical Evergreen Rain Forests

Species of these forests include trees, creepers & shrubs.

Deciduous tropical forests

Species of these forest includes bamboo, teak, shrubs, and sal.

Dry Deciduous Forests

These forest species are Sal, Peepal, & Neem.

Semi Desert

These forests are silver fir and pines tree.

Mangrove forests

Palm, agar, coconut are cultivated in few areas of these forests.

Types of Natural Vegetation in India

Vegetation Types of India

  • Tropical Evergreen Rain Forests
  • Deciduous or Monsoon Type of Forests
  • Dry Deciduous Forests
  • Mountain Forests
  • Tidal or Mangrove Forests
  • Semi-Desert and Desert Vegetations

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