Define parasite and total parasite and partial parasites?



An organism that lives in or on another organism that is its host and profits at the expense of the other by deriving nutrients. or parasite is an organism that survives in or on another species, usually at the expense of its host.

Examples: Tapeworms, fleas, and barnacles

Total parasite

Total parasite plants are heterotrophic plants that depend entirely on the host plant, including shelter, water, food, for all their requirements.

Examples: Orobanche aegyptiaca, cuscuta reflexa and striga asiatica.

Partial parasite

Partial parasites are those that rely, in portion, on their hosts. Partial parasitic plants are typically chlorophyllous, thus they are just dependent on water and nutrients from their hosts. Their green leaves do the rest of the job.

Examples – Viscum album, dendropthoe falcata and antalum album.

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