Define potential difference between two points


Potential difference between any two points is defined as the amount of work done in moving a unit charge from one point to another

\(\begin{array}{l}dv = \frac{dw}{dq}\end{array} \)

The potential difference between points A and B, VB-VA, is defined as the shift in the potential energy of a charge q, divided by the charge, shifted from A to B. Joules per coulomb, given the term volt (V) after Alessandro Volta, are units of potential difference.

Point 1:

If a positive charge is moved from a point at a higher potential to a point at a lower potential energy is liberated.

Point 2:

In actual practice electric charge moves from lower potential to higher potential here there is a loss of energy by electrons moving from lower potential to higher potential the loss of energy appears as heat.

Unit of potential difference

The unit of potential difference is volt.

\(\begin{array}{l}1\, volt = \frac{1\,joule}{coulomb}\end{array} \)

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